Thursday, June 3, 2021

Rockwood Music Hall returns with live music starting tonight

Rockwood Music Hall, the venue at 196 Allen St. between Houston and Stanton, reopens this evening with a slate of full-capacity shows scheduled over the next few weeks and into July on Stage 2. 

Per their announcement on Instagram: "For the time being, all upcoming shows will be 100% COVID-19 vaccinated crowds (including artists and staff)." 

For more details and guidelines, check out their link here. You can find a list of shows at this link

This is the first time that Rockwood Music Hall has been open since the PAUSE of March 2020. The venue was to celebrate its 15th-anniversary last year. 

Nearby on Stanton Street, Arlene's Grocery has been hosting some in-person events (calendar here). Also nearby: Live music returns to the Mercury Lounge starting on June 26.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how come no ACLU lawyer doesn't challenge this in court yet. Not letting in people with recent negative test results, must be an illegal discriminatory practice.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to one of the best small stage music venues in NYC :)