Thursday, June 3, 2021

Stickett Inn bringing its cider to 1st Avenue

The proprietors of the gay-friendly Stickett Inn and its eponymous cider are opening a tasting room here on First Avenue between Ninth Street and 10th Street.

Per its website, real-life husbands Johnny Pizzolato and Roswell Hamrick opened the Stickett Inn on Route 92 in Barryville, N.Y. (Sullivan County!) back in 2012. 

As Out previously reported: "In 2017 the brand expanded with Stickett Inn Cider, the dry and mildly tart signature beverage of the property's Bang Bang Bar." (An aside: the Bang Bang Bar serves Pinks Tacos, whose flagship location is right around the corner from the new cider spot on 10th Street.)

The opening of the Stickett Inn Cider EV outpost looks imminent ... as there has been a lot of activity in the space of late.

Thanks to Steven for the photo! 


Beacon, NY said...

Beer, cider and wine production are indeed very much part of the Hudson River Valley especially on the western half which is more of a rural frontier than a bucolic countryside. The numerous vineyards in this region in proximity to NYC, sort of a Napa Valley of the East is mind boggling to some.

Great to see a cider bar coming from Sullivan County setting its foothold in the EV!

Anonymous said...

Stickett Inn? That's their idea of humor? How juvenile.

Anonymous said...

@Beacon, you are confusing Sullivan county with the Finger lakes region. There aren't vineyards in Sullivan Country . And by the way, I've never heard Sullivan County referred to as part of the Hudson Valley, maybe Hudson valley adjacent. Its west of Orange and Ulster counties which abut the Hudson River

Beacon, NY said...

@ 5:24 PM

Yes, I do know of one vineyard based in Sullivan County. Sullivan County is very much part of the Hudson River Valley or it could be on its own in the Catskills region.

The Hudson River Valley, Finger Lakes, Capital Region and Long Island all have their local vineyards. Maybe a few other regions in NYS as well.

La vie est belle said...

I attended the soft opening and the place is amazing! Creative murals, a plant wall in the bathroom, beautifully designed seating, and of course the cider is pretty darn good. Best of all, everyone was community focused and friendly, especially John the owner. This spot will definitely be in my rotation! Glad to have them on my block.

Anonymous said...

Community focused? Spreading tables across the sidewalk making it impossible to pass and acting like surly jerks about it is not going to win over the people who live and work here.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is: super, super nice folks, welcoming attitude, awesome conversation, I wish them the best of luck.

Mikey_W said...

Ok grandpa. You sound like someone who doesn’t really understand the idea of community. Or maybe you do but are such a grinch.