Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Free the Cube!

We've fielded some queries about the Cube — aka Alamo — on Astor Place ... mainly: Why is it surrounded by barricades?

We reached out to some Astor Place folks to see what might be happening here. To be continued (maybe!). 

Photo by Steven; H/T to Ada!


takicat said...

SantaCon victim?

Sarah said...


Anonymous said...

Maybe the twister part of it is broken?

Anonymous said...

The barricade forming a hexagram, can't be good. Merry Christmas ya'll!

Anonymous said...

Remember the Alamo?

In this case, the last local man standing will d
stand here against the gentrifiers.

DrGecko said...

The barricades prevent the Cube from escaping. They are very effective.