Monday, December 20, 2021

Signage arrives for the new Urban Wine & Spirits

Workers yesterday installed the awning/signage at the new home of Urban Wine & Spirits at the SW corner of First Avenue at Third Street. (Thanks to the reader for the shot!) 

The wine store is 30 steps away from Urban's current First Avenue storefront. No word on an opening here just yet. (Updated 12/26: The new shop is open!) There will be a wine bar-cafe opening here in the spring... and it will have a separate entrance on Third Street.

Old-timer Exquisite Cleaners vacated this space in the summer of 2020 as the pandemic wreaked havoc on the dry-cleaner business.


Lmknyc said...

So glad they are increasing their store. Their staff is exceptional and the variety of wine and spirits serves the palate well. Best of luck in their move and so glad they continue to thrive through this pandemic! Happy holidays all!

Anonymous said...

I'm also glad to see these guys expanding. They're friendly and helpful and very into the natural wines they're selling. Good luck to them in the new space!