Thursday, December 16, 2021

The SE corner of Avenue C and 3rd Street is now sidewalk-bridge free after 8-plus years

When we last checked in on 32 Avenue C, workers had demolished the three-floor building here on the southeast corner of Avenue C. 

In early November, only the sidewalk bridge and assorted scaffolding remained. Now, as you can see, the sidewalk is back in view... and plywood surrounds the empty lot...
As previously reported, there were work permits to "partially demolish the building," specifically the "second, third and roof floors." Apparently, workers decided to take down the first floor too. 

And as previously noted, there were development plans for this parcel... with the filing of permits with the city in July 2005 for a new 6-floor residential building. The city disapproved the plans in May 2006, and nothing more happened with the project. 

Years later, the landlord filed a permit in the fall of 2017 with the DOB to "rebuild exterior walls; replace windows and sistering of floor joists to address" the various violations on file

Public records list the landlord as Abraham Benelyahou of Fairfax Management Corp. In 2014, the Daily News referred to him as "Manhattan's worst landlord." 

Residents have long complained about the drug activity on this corner. This past Jan. 18, a 36-year-old man was shot and killed here. For several months after this, the NYPD parked a patrol car nearby. 

Meanwhile, there aren't any other new permits on file with the city offering a clue as to what might be next for the corner. At least the sidewalk bridge that has stood in various states of disrepair for the past eight-plus years is gone.


Neighbor said...

Great news! Nice to see decrepit buildings being torn down and long vacant lots being developed (6th/C per the other post). People will inevitably complain about "development" bogeymen but it's a net positive to have undeveloped lots replaced, more housing stock added, better lit corners, and owners who will care for the space around their buildings.

Here's hoping the same happens to Houston and B soon.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ding dong (bing bong?) the building's dead!

Anonymous said...

What a sensible post. I agree with all of it and would add that small east village businesses also profit from more people.

Anonymous said...

We could really use a laundromat there.

Anonymous said...

There is a laundromat next door at 272 E 3rd St (near corner of Ave C)