Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Closing time: 1 month remains for Dress Shoppe II

Photo by Derek Berg

The closing sale sign went up late this afternoon at Dress Shoppe II at 83 2nd Ave between Fourth Street and Fifth Street.

As previously reported, the Indian boutique’s last day is Jan. 31. 

Saroj Goyal has been doing her best to keep the shop going since her husband of 50 years, Purushottam Goyal, died in September 2019. There have been financial challenges, and thanks to the efforts of Humans of New York and New York Nico, there was an outpouring of support to help Saroj make arrangements on the back rent and to take care of herself as she underwent treatment for breast cancer.

In the previous post, you can read more about the closing and the financial arrangements with the landlord, the Cooper Square Mutual Housing Association II.

You can find the Dress Shoppe II Etsy account here. The shop is open from noon to 8 p.m. daily, with 1-6 p.m. hours on Sunday.

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