Thursday, December 30, 2021

Corinne Neary checks out of the Tompkins Square Library branch

Photo by Stacie Joy

After five-plus years as the manager of the Tompkins Square Library branch, Corinne Neary is moving on this holiday season.

Neary is heading to the Jefferson Market branch on Sixth Avenue when it reopens later this winter. (She worked there as a trainee and senior librarian before coming to Tompkins Square in November 2016.)

Patrons of this branch on 10th Street between Avenue A and Avenue B have said that they appreciated Neary's attention to the neighborhood's history ... especially its writers and artists — past and present — with events such as the East Village Arts Festival and various walking tours. Her programing was also top-notch... and she has excellent taste in classic films (a Myrna Loy triple feature!).

We talked with her during the EVG podcasting days for a session in early 2019. Find that conversation here.

A 15-year NYPL veteran, Will Hall, takes over for Neary at Tompkins Square.

Welcome, Will, and thank you, Corinne... 


Anonymous said...

Wow - Thank you Corrine! Always so helpful, kind and appreciate you sharing your knowledge to us all! You will be missed! Best to you and happy new year

Corinne Neary said...

Thank you EVG for all you do to support the neighborhood and the Tompkins Square Library! And to Stacie Joy for all the amazing photographs and love.

marjorie said...

THANK YOU, Corinne! Your programming was indeed kickass, and we all felt your devotion to and cluefulness about our neighborhood and its history. You will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you Corinne!!!
Is there any news on the reopening of the Hamilton Fish branch? I can't seem to find anything anywhere. I've even messaged them on FB. No answer