Friday, December 31, 2021

A year-end post because it's the end of the year

A post from Dec. 18, 2020, turned out to be the most-viewed EVG post from 2021. 

Early this year, a lot of people shared "A visit to Stoned Gourmet Cannabis Pizza," Stacie Joy's inside look at Chris "the Pizza Pusha" Barrett's (pictured above) sorta secret establishment ... this came after the pizzeria highlighted the post on social media. (As it turns out, there are many avid Stoned Pizza fans.)

Other most-read 2021 posts included more newsy items on the closure of some longtime local businesses ... the passing of two well-liked and well-known residents... and the always outrage-provoking SantaCon. And then there was one of the posts about the guy rolled up in the carpet on St. Mark's Place and Third Avenue.

Here's the rest of the EVG top-10:

• Exclusive: Iconic East Village venue The Pyramid Club will not be reopening after year-long PAUSE (April 1

• Attention Kmart shoppers: The Astor Place location is now closed after 25 years in business (July 12

• Woman dies after falling from Avenue A rooftop; Rivera demands review of building enforcement procedures (May 22

• About that rolled-up carpet in the crosswalk (Feb. 5

• SantaCon announces 2021 route; East Village in the crosshairs once again (Dec. 7

• A walk around inside the long-abandoned — and ghoulishly beautiful — P.S. 64 (March 25

• RIP Molly Fitch (Dec. 13

• RIP Hash Halper, aka New York Romantic (June 15

• You can own the shuttered Avenue A diner Odessa, now for sale on Craigslist (June 4)

Thank you for reading along this year... and sharing your thoughts — there were more than 10,000 comments left on our 1,856 posts in 2021. 


Benjamin Luehrs said...

Thank you! The City is better because of evgrieve.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

anonymous said...

Happy New Year Grieve!🎆🎊🍻🎈😉

DrBOP said...

It appears as though I have lost ALL my EVG Wagers.......NO Pizza Rat......
NO Super Ray......NO Eden B Adventures.....and NOT EVEN you and The EVG In-Line Costume Ball Skate-A-Thon!!!

A man should NEVER gamble....more than he's prepared to lose.

Word on the street sez that the Final Count is being challenged.....rumors that a Bizarro EVG was in charge of the tally.....broken Zoltar (Brand) Counting machines were
ill-configured.....that Zita the Wonder Dog was seen chasing the Ghosts Of The East Village as they tried to vote.....and that The Pizza Rat Union is protesting the outcome.

HOWEVER....we ALL know that Word-On-The-Street can be
V E R Y V E R Y V E R Y M I S L E A D I N G ! ! !

Thanks for All that you do.....still the One And Only......still the best.
Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Anonymous said...

Reefer madness, still stirring the pot and driving clicks in 2021.