Sunday, December 19, 2021

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a photo by Stacie Joy of the Tree Riders heading into their final few days on Second Avenue)... 

• RIP Molly Fitch (Monday)

• One man dead, several people injured in a fire at 118 Avenue D (Thursday

• The Community Holiday Feast in Tompkins Square Park is now taking place on Sunday (Friday

• At the rally for Casa Adela (Monday

• At the annual Tompkins Square Park tree lighting (Monday

• A rally in support of the East Side Coastal Resiliency Project; activists lose appeal (Friday) ... Activists: Even with a new court order, the city continues demolition of East River Park (Tuesday

• Making a connection with the history of this 13th Street apartment (Thursday

• Gallery Watch checks out Bockhaus's Anti Christmas Special by Ryan Bock at Ki Smith Gallery (Friday

• This is the closing date for Dress Shoppe II (Thursday

• Gia Trattoria has closed on the Bowery (Wednesday)

• The SE corner of Avenue C and 3rd Street is now sidewalk-bridge free after 8-plus years (Thursday)

• Dry cleaners and laundromats make a return (Monday

• Noho Market debuts on the Bowery (Monday

• Construction watch: 699 E. 6th St. (Thursday

• Snack Bowery has closed (Monday

• Dumpling N' Dips coming soon to St. Mark's Place (Wednesday

• Summing up feelings about SantaCon (Sunday

• August Laura has closed on Avenue A and 6th Street (Thursday).

And after August Laura closed, several readers noted that up to 8-10 people moved into the restaurant's seldom-used Sixth Street streetside structure...
Since then, someone has removed most of the barriers...
... and boarded up the Avenue A streetside structure. The residents (and one business owner) who emailed us about these want the street eateries removed, as the retail space will likely sit empty for months...
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Anonymous said...

And right there, you can see the future of NYC: Dining sheds that become housing for the homeless.

The DOT wants these sheds to be a PERMANENT fixture of our city, b/c they're such an *amenity* ... yeah, just not in the way DOT imagines.

IMO, this is indicative of the erasure of NYC as we have known it, and I don't see why any tourists from abroad would want to visit here to see this.

Why have people come to visit NYC for decades? What draws them here? IMO, it's for Broadway, off-Broadway, off-off-Broadway, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, all the museums, Central Park, the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, etc. - but *nobody* has ever visited NYC and said "Hey, nice city but you forgot to make hundreds of random plywood sheds in the streets."

I'm disgusted with & ashamed of NYC (the city of my birth) the way it is now. At this point, I'd actively discourage anyone I know from visiting here. Why invite people to see what a shit-show your home town is turning into?

Anonymous said...

Shrug, love the outdoor dining setups, though they’re pretty useless during the winter. But when people vacate a restaurant, they should be forced to take them down, just like they empty out the interior.

Anonymous said...

@9:25am: Yeah, they should be forced to take them down, but you don't actually see that happening, do you?

And THAT is b/c DOT (which can't even stencil street markings correctly) is inexplicably running the outdoor-dining-shed show. Thus I expect far worse to come.

Anonymous said...

August Laura's abandoned dining shed on 6 street has basically become a 24-hour shooting gallery for drug users. Can't believe there isn't more community outrage about this. It should be shuttered or removed immediately.