Thursday, December 30, 2021

Renovations underway at the long-vacant retail space at 123 Avenue A

Work is underway inside the vacant storefront at 123 Avenue A between Seventh Street and St. Mark's Place...
A worker on the scene told EVG correspondent that the space would eventually house a deli. (There isn't any sign of work permits on file online with the DOB just yet.)

The storefront has been vacant since Tony (aka Abdul) died in the fall of 2018. Tony, who owned the building, ran the deli, which operated under various names in this spot for 25 years.

Meanwhile, a block or so to the south, another deli is in the works for another long-vacant spot on the corner of Sixth Street and Avenue A — the former Benny's Burritos.


Anonymous said...

Yay more and more delis

RubberBunsandLiquor said...

Unrelated, but I've been curious about the persistent long lines at Luster Photo Lab next door, always to the corner. What is everyone getting done there?

Anonymous said...

Film development and prints. Just like the sign says.

Pennys herb co said...

Why do people call these shops “deli s”
I thought a delicatessen sold:
Hot dogs
Corn beef
Chicken soup
Kasha varneshes
Dries aged salamis
Mini mini salamis
French fries
Etc etc,,,,,m🧂🌶🍋🧄🎻

Anonymous said...

There's no in store service, so clients are being served one by one through a single window. That would create a line.