Wednesday, January 12, 2022

A call to revamp ABC Playground at P.S. 20 on Houston and Essex

District 1, an area covering the Lower East Side, NoHo, Chinatown, and more, is currently gathering feedback in the city's Participatory Budget (PBNYC) program. (Christopher Marte is the new City Council representative for District 1. District 2, which includes the East Village and is led by Carlina Rivera, is not in this PBNYC cycle.) 

As you may know, PBNYC enables NYC residents to propose, evaluate and vote on projects in their districts. Successful projects will be funded by Council Member discretionary funds. 

Several EVG readers are championing a revamp of the ABC Playground at Houston and Essex outside P.S. 20 Anna Silver.

Here's what is proposed:
ABC Playground, an expansive 0.45-acre space at the prime Lower East Side intersection of Houston and Essex streets, has outstanding, untapped potential to better serve its diverse, multi-generational public. Built in 1934 and last renovated in 1998, the severely under-resourced park has unresolved violations. 
The two outdated metal play structures are often in disrepair, and the large fields of cracked, uneven pavement are hazardous. All materials are dilapidated or structurally deteriorating. Drainage issues and failing plumbing infrastructure frequently create large puddles that render the center of the park unusable. ABC Playground requires significant upgrades to improve safety, satisfy building code, and realize its mission as a recreational space for education and community building. 
Requested upgrades include: two new play structures with rubber safety surfacing for ages 1-4 and 5-12; a water element for all ages; one set of adult and child drinking fountains; an asphalt track; a multi-purpose asphalt field with markings for baseball, hopscotch, and other games; a basketball court with new hoops; 15 concrete park benches to enhance accessibility and create inviting meeting areas; and 8 trash receptacles.
You can leave comments and endorse this project here

There are dozens of proposed projects for District 1, and find those at this link.


Anonymous said...

"15 concrete park benches"
Wasn't it the city's plan to re-purpose the trees from East River Park for park benches in the neighborhood?

Anonymous said...

what is that crazy statue about 5 floors up to the east overlooking this park?!? any ideas?

Grieve said...

It's the statue of Lenin that relocated here in 2017 from the former Red Square building at 250 E. Houston St.

Anonymous said...

It’s the Lenin statue from Red Square building across the street- I think Michael Rosen said they found it in a salvage yard in Moscow. I think he owns the building 178 Norfolk where it is now.