Monday, January 24, 2022

Another taker for 179 Essex St.

Signage arrived late last week for Takumi Omakase at 179 Essex St. just south of Houston. 

In recent years (going back to say, 2005?), the building's northern retail space has been home to — if memory and old blog posts serve us — Filthy McNasty's, Vasmay Lounge, 12" Bar, Essex Ale House, Peri, Bar Chevere, Casa Humo and Benson's... and had been vacant the past two years. 

We don't know anything about Takumi, the new tenant, at the moment. Hopefully, they can make it work here. 

Gazab, an Indian restaurant that we hear good things about, opened in the other retail space here this past July.


Sarah said...

There's a Takumi Sushi a few blocks away on Eldridge. Nothing fancy. Don't know if it's the same people, but seems likely enough.

This is a strange location for any sort of high-end sushi operation, but maybe it's one of these new ones that are more like budget prix-fixe places than ambitious ones.

Jean said...

Kind of new one. did you try,they already open