Friday, January 21, 2022

Hope to see you again


Cat Power's excellent new record of covers, titled Covers, was released on Jan. 14. In this video, Powers (aka Chan Marshall, a one-time East Village resident) provides a mournful reinterpretation of "I'll Be Seeing You."


JAMES said...

Very nice. I would like to know why most of her recent albums are 'Covers'?

John Penley said...

Chan was my roommate on East 3rd. St. for a few years before she hit the big time. It was an insane apartment and Seth Tobacman was the other roomamte.

Anonymous said...

I hafta ask, maybe Grieve knows? isn't that the mini bar in the interior of Franks on 1st Ave? (with the braided bartender drying glasses)? I feel I'd recognize that mini bar anywhere.