Friday, January 14, 2022

Breaking! (so to speak): City finally repairing 6th Street sinkhole


A city crew is on the scene this morning to make repairs on the tree-pit sinkhole outside 338 E. Sixth St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue.

Goggla shared the above photo and noted the work in progress.

As we've noted many times previously: The sinkhole formed during the drenching rains from Tropical Storm Ida on Sept. 1.

Since then, a makeshift barrier including parts of Awash's outdoor dining space and other found objects have been guarding/blocking the sidewalk. Pedestrians had to walk on Sixth Street on the south side of the street to bypass the sinkhole. The sinkhole claimed the tree here in early December. 

No word on why it took four-plus months to have this repaired ... even with numerous residents calling this in to 311 and other various city agencies. 


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I give this fix 6 weeks until the spring rains wash it out again.