Wednesday, January 19, 2022

A look inside the new Empire Cannabis Clubs on the Lower East Side

Empire Cannabis Clubs debuted back on Jan. 8 at 172 Allen St. between Stanton and Rivington. (This is the former home of Bluestockings, which moved to a new space on Suffolk Street last spring.)

This is the second location for the business billed as "NYC’s First RECREATIONAL Club." They debuted on Eighth Avenue in Chelsea last fall. As the name suggests, it's a private cannabis club — you have to become a member to purchase but browsing is free.

First, here's more about their mode of operation via their website:
We have been involved with the acquisition, cultivation, and distribution of cannabis as well as the advancement of the cannabis industry into the legal marketplace for decades, and we are happy to be utilizing our expertise to assist all New Yorkers in meeting their personal cannabis needs.

New York state law now [as of March 2021] allows the possession of up to 3 ounces of cannabis putting the days of worrying about the aggravation from law enforcement seemingly far behind us.
We are here to help, and to get started we have formed The Empire Cannabis Clubs, a concierge service dedicated to supplying the highest-end cannabis products at prices you can afford.

We have taken the blessings of the New York State Legislature allowing the transfer of cannabis without profit and have setup a membership service in which the club will acquire cannabis products for its members, and only add the cost to facilitate the acquisition and transfer of said products.
EVG contributor Stacie Joy stopped by over the weekend. Management invited her inside to take some photos and browse the THC-infused cannabis products.

Per Stacie: "This location has gummies, candies, 'flower,' tinctures, chocolates, prerolls and pens/cartridges. Budtenders were all super friendly."
Find info about memberships here.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Does anyone know if the products here are authentic / clean / lab tested / dispensary-grade?

Unknown said...

The club carries an assortment of cannabis edibles, vape products, pre-rolls, and flower. The larger percentage of products carry laboratory testing and certification from the state that particular company derives from. The unlicensed products are usually only carried if the owners are aware of the cleanliness of the products because of knowing the people who produced them. The acquisition manager (one of the owners) has a long history in the cannabis trade and is very familiar with quality products and does his best to assure everything is as good as can be found.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great. I must come by. What is the member price?.