Saturday, January 2, 2010

At Port 41: Putting "the salty in 'salt of the earth'

Over at the Times, Cara Buckley does a round up of things to do around Port Authority, including a trip to EV Grieve favorite Port 41. A few of her observations:

"[A] bona fide dive bar with a life-size hippopotamus head — missing one eye and sporting a hard hat — that adorns one wall. Other perks: the bartenders wear bikinis, sometimes accessorized with fishnet stockings, and the regulars — working stiffs, construction crews and, one recent afternoon, a guy passed out by the pool table in the back room — put the salty in "salt of the earth.".


For those women who like to disappear to the bathroom in pairs, the restroom is one stall with two toilets, side by side, separated by nothing.

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WB said...

That's great. The The Distinguished Wakamba Cocktail Lounge is also a great choice.

EV Grieve said...

Indeed, WB. Perhaps next time the NYT will venutre even further away from their HQ!

Wilfrid said...

The Wakamba is a country club compared with Port 41. It's seriously scary to think the Times is sending its readers to that place.

Anonymous said...

I've been going to Port 41 for years; indeed yesterday it seemed there were a few curious groups of conspicuously out of place people -- I pegged them as Times readers. More often the owner's other dive around the corner (Dave's Tavern) captures the out-of-towners and the yuppie pioneers who sit alongside the career drinkers of Ninth Ave. But the more surreal Port 41 is a place out of time -- the kind of place that would have fit right in on the block the Times razed for their tower.