Monday, January 11, 2010

Busy finance guy on St. Mark's Place looking again for an 18-27-year-old female roomie to walk around in her undies

Last April, we posted about the young man with a deal for a hottie roommate on St. Mark's Place:

$130 Unique offer for a unique woman (East Village)

Many of you who read this ad are going to find it very offensive. Please understand that while this offer might not work for you, there are people out there in this world that have different levels of comfort with certain ideas that might be offensive to the majority of the population.

I got this idea from an article in Time Out New York that I read a while ago. I live in a 2 bedroom apartment that I inherited and now own. I live alone in the East Village, and have an empty bedroom and a lot of space. I am offering the empty room w/private bathroom for only $130 a month. Here is the catch...of course there is a catch. I'm a white late 20's guy that works in finance. I work A LOT and therefore my social life has become nonexistent. So, I want to add a little bit of excitement to my life. I would like to rent the room to a woman between the age of 18-27.

You should be a free spirited, liberal minded person who is very open minded. I would like you to be a slim attractive girl who is OK with occasionally walking around or hanging out in her underwear <---yes...that would be the slightly crazy part.

Dunno how well that worked out. Apparently our man is looking for a new roomie, same conditions — except now you have to pay MORE to walk around in your underwear for him. Rent is up to $300 a month. (Via Curbed)


Dainty Inferno said...

He even posted a pic of himself. Brave! I'll make sure to give him a swift kick to the balls if I see him around the neighborhood.

What a tool.

Larry Slade said...

I hope he finds an attractive woman who has a boyfriend off to the side. And she hangs out for awhile playing along with this jerk. And then she and the BF. . .
Well, let's just say I have a crime novel noir notion about how all this could turn out.