Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tree asks, Don't pee on me

Forget the location... East Fourth Street? Photo by Bobby Williams.


Adam K. said...

It's a shame signs like these don't do any good. Most dog owners seem to have know idea where the curb is.

Adam K. said...

Um, apparently I have *no* idea how to spell.

Anonymous said...

Urine is not good for the trees.

blue glass said...

the law used to be curb your dog
most folks did
nobody cleaned up after.
on occasion sanitation cleaned the gutters.
the genius that created pick up after your dog left out the curb part.
now the all of the sidewalk is a dog's toilet and owners are happy to text their way through walking their dog, not paying any attention to the dog except to pull it away when they are read to move on.
and while lots more folks pick up many do not and there is more "use" of tree pits.
bring back the curb your dog part. while not perfect, there will be less pea and crap on our sidewalks and in our tree pits. and more in the gutter.

Anonymous said...

white people problems

blue glass said...

white people problems

what does that mean?

Anonymous said...

doesn't the masking tape hurt the tree too?

Marty Wombacher said...

If I had a dollar for every time I said that I wouldn't be looking for a job right now.

Woof said...

The problem with "curbing" one's dog is that there is usually no space left in the parking lane to do that. It used to be that every other day one side of the street would be cleared of parked cars for street cleaning; no more. Squeezing between two parked cars' bumpers is not safe -- I've seen cars rammed from either end and pushed towards the next car and I don't want to get crushed standing there when it happens.

There's really nothing wrong with using the tree pit for dog shit; it would be a form of fertilizer if it were left there but no matter -- it gets picked up anyway so it's gone the next minute.

Check out the grease along the sidewalk outside Benny's Burritos or the customers who leave Blue & Gold or McSorley's at night and pee in the doorways of buildings or against St George Church walls. That's not dog urine you're smelling.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Blue Glass... It's a cultural thing, not a legal / ordinance thing.
The exact same people who ignore the "Pickup after your dog law", will certainly ignore the "Curb your dog law". If they are unwilling to take responsibility for one, they will not take responsibility for the other.

Not too bright, are you?
You don't have to stand between the cars; just your dog.(unless maybe its you taking the crap)
Dog feces is toxic to trees, plants, grass. It's not fertilizer. (try your google machine if you need to)

As to the other problems you site; couldn't agree more that it's a problem. Just not the problem that is being sited in this particular post.

Anonymous said...

Dog owners need to curb their dogs. Urine does indeed kill the trees. No, dog poop does not fertilize the trees. That is a LAME excuse for lazy and negligent pet owners. It is illegal to allow your pet to dirty the sidewalks and not clean up after them.
The city is planting millions of trees that need to be nurtured or they will die. NYC is a harsh environments for them and they need all the care they can get.
This is not a white person problem. Everyone benefits from healthy trees, they create oxygen, keep buildings cool and raise property value. They also look nice. Do you think someone caring for the trees wants to see and deal with your dog's poop in the tree pit? C'mon people, get a clue. That sign shouldn't need to be put up if people weren't so DUMB and LAZY. GEEZ!

Anonymous said...

@4:44 PM Anon. It's "cite" not "site". try a dictionary before you hurl insults.

WoofWoof said...

@4:44 PM anon: You are extremely bright even if I am not, so if you reread my earlier comment you will see that I didn't recommend leaving dog poop in the tree beds, I said that it would be removed (by me) rather quickly.

I'm not recommending its use as fertilizer, but it has been found to work as such, e.g., as reported in

"Parsa and Wallace (1979) have shown that dog manure (1850/xg Fe g-l) added at a rate of 1.5% to a calcareous loam soil (pot experiment) significantly
increased dry matter yield and Fe uptake
by sorghum; ashed dog manure produced a lesser increase in dry matter and no increase in Fe uptake."

(You may not have access to the full text at the URL above if you don't have a research library account, so hopefully my brief quote will suffice for your needs.)

Finally, as for not having to "stand between the cars", how do you propose that one retrieve the poop to clean the street of it if they don't step over to where it has been deposited? Neither do I intend to expose my dog to the danger of sitting between two parked cars.

Anonymous said...


Fertilizer can be"made from" dog waste (or human waste for that matter). It is not "the waste" (shit) itself. (it's not the same as cow manure)

As for your argument about "between parked cars"...
Never mind, it's clearly some sort of personal mental issue for you.

ArfArf said...

@"Anonymous June 21 10:27 PM":

You da Man, anon 10:27 PM! I done fired up my google machine like you told me to and Shazam! I found that my personal mental issues have been nightmarish experiences for other folks, so I'm sure glad it's just mental with me, wassup yo!

Man crushed between two parked cars

5 year old boy and 2 month old sister

There there's this one:

"It was at that time that my leg was crushed between two parked cars"

Now you come back real soon, won't you!

Anonymous said...

If no one is in the adjacent car how will it crush you? Just don't stand next to cars that are trying to park or exit a spot. Really are we getting to this point- I can't curb my dog b/c a car will crush me?? Yes you can google any sad/ weird/ improbable story and find something in the news about it somewhere- that doesn't mean it happens with any degree of frequency.

Anonymous said...

Oh wait- Maybe Arf is on to something about the dangers of curbing your dog- I stand corrected! I too always fear staying in between cars too long but, alas it is not an excuse to leave excrement on people's tree spots

Anonymous said...

The tree pit guards are made to protect the trees from people and animals. How the heck are the animals getting in there?..... Here is how: The owners are allowing their pets to urinate and defecate in the pits! Dogs don't care where they poop. The owners think the dogs care. Curb your pooches. Be responsible dog owners. Put the iPhone down! Pay attention to your living, pooping charges.
P.S. the plastic tape can harm the bark of the tree.