Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bending elm looks safe for now in Tompkins Square Park

Workers arrived and cordoned off the area surrounding the great bending elm in the center of Tompkins Square Park last Monday...

[Photo via MoRUS]

One of the tree's support cables came off during Sandy ... and the other cable was looking on the frayed side.

But! The tree is back open to the public (not sure about squirrels)...

As this photo by Bobby Williams shows, workers braced the tree with an additional cable...

GammaBlog has some nice Park shots from yesterday here.

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More support on the way for the bending elm in Tompkins Square Park?


shmnyc said...

It might make more sense to put a vertical support under the leaning tree, instead of fastening cables to the upright tree.

Anonymous said...

Glad if this tree is out of danger of being lost.
i can't tell where in the hell that cable really is from the picture, but hopefully that'll do it.

Now, if only they'll do something about the low hanging branch (from the other tree to the left? [can't remember]) just behind the benches. I've seen people using it as a "bouncy swing", which means it's gonna come down just like the last "bouncy swing" branch did on the tree on the opposite side of the lawn a year or two ago.

Anonymous said...


That's sort of what I would have though they'd do. Maybe they figured people would f**k with it.
Again, I can't tell where that cable is fastened but, looks like it's not really holding the main bulk of the tree. But I can't tell.

Shawn G. Chittle said...

Thanks NYC Parks, FDNY, and 311 for taking care of this. Our tweets seem to work!