Friday, June 7, 2013

[UPDATED] An eviction notice for Luca Bar on St. Mark's Place

An eviction notice, dated yesterday, is posted on the door at Luca Bar at 119 St. Mark's Place ...

No other information is available right at the moment.

Almost two years ago to the date, the Marshal seized Luca Bar. According to The Local , the owners of the bar owed state tax officials $31,385.49, not including interest and penalties; that the bar has six open warrants for unpaid taxes dating to November 2009.

The bar did reopen several days later.

Its sister bar, Luca Lounge, closed last spring on Avenue B.

Updated 6-8

Luca Bar is open.


Anonymous said...

Good Riddance to the noisy neighbor. Although a be careful what you wish for warning is warranted.

9:38 am said...

Agree, 9:19 am. However, who's to say that the next bar or restaurant, and yes most likely it'll be another bar or restaurant will take over the place -- no way a butcher shop, or a bookstore, or bakery will take over, unless they'll be serving alcohol, WOOOOOOOOOO. The new place could attract much more louder and more obnoxious clienteles -- see the new Flea Market Cafe, Adler, Hair of the Dog.... I've learned how to shut the place out of my mind. Better the devil you know.

Anonymous said...

On that strip, I never thought Luca Bar was that loud. It wasn't nearly as popular as some of its neighbors and seemed to have a more subdued clientele. Maybe I just had good timing.