Friday, June 7, 2013

Watch Steve Buscemi and Mark Boone Junior at the Gusto House on E. 4th St. in 1988

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EVG reader Rob D. shares the above clip from the Oct. 31, 1988, issue of New York magazine about Gusto House.

"I was having a moment of fond nostalgia the other day and went on a web search for this place," Rob wrote. "It was just down East 4th Street from Key Food on the north side of the street. I remember seeing MTV's Kevin Seal in a 'show' there."

You can read the clip about three East 4th Street residents who, starting in 1985, turned their apartment into a theater on three Saturday evenings a month...

Here were two of the performers, who went on to do a few more projects, from a night in 1988... Steve Buscemi and Mark Boone Junior ...


Anonymous said...

ha ha! new years eve, they might be giants some time in the 80's. was beginning to think it was a hallucination, with that big face. was the stage in the mouth of that face? anyway, thanks for helping me stay sane.

Rob D said...

VIDEO?? Holy sh*t, Grieve. Nice one.

And yeah Anon 6:36...I felt the same way. Was it a dream? Did it really happen? NYC and Alphabet City was a such a fun and vibrant place back then. The entire city was a playground.

Anonymous said...

I have do a little battle with those that complain here about the new inhabitants of our environs (and I have been here way longer than most), but I thought some perspective on how the natives have always thought that the newcomers are not so cool. I happened upon this fun 120 year old article about the Bowery, including the unadulterated (and obviously bigoted) disdain for the newcomers, largely characterized as loud, odd, and disorderly drunkards. There must be a reference to a pub crawl in here.

DrGecko said...

That is a way fun article. I particularly enjoyed the picture of the Passover dinner.

Here's a link to an easier-to-read version of the same article (without all the "the's" highlighted:

The newcomers referred to in the article are the Slavic Jews from Eastern Europe, who were looked down upon by the already-settled, and wealthier, Jews from Germany and Iberia.

It should go without saying, but I'll point it out just in case it doesn't, that it's silly to compare an ethnic group with the woo-woos. Woo-woos, and douchebags in general are defined by their actions, not by their heritage. They can stop being douchebags any time they want, but they don't want. That's why they're douchebags.

Anonymous said...

Nice work ! I actually live in this building & guess what - the stage and the face are still there. Every now & then the person who lives in that apartment throws a good party - the face / stage is always a hit. Really cool to know more about the history of it!

1_Nervous Goat said...

I was one of the three E. 4th Street residents who founded Gusto House. Good times!

PBS said...

I'm late to this thread! Wow so cool to see something about Gusto House! Nervous Goat, if you are listening, I'm one of the founders of Blue Man Group--we had SUCH an awesome time the two or three "performances" we did at Gusto House! Those were very special times and Gusto House was a VERY special place. Thanks for your part Nerv G in giving that gift and operating G House!

JTM said...

Wow I can’t believe this is here and there’s video I lived on 9th and C and was so excited when I got in the small mailing list for that postcard. I remember John Leguizamo & Nora Dunn working out stuff and the DJ set afterwards. The cooler full of beer and the couches in the 2nd floor.

Unknown said...

I have to honestly say, I woke up at 4:00 this morning, wondering about that Gusto House Magic, and found this thread..

Dan Cohen.. gentleman, scholar, you and your buddies Andy, and Callahan really provided soil, for so many things to sprout.

Even after 30 years, that accomplishment endures..

A gracious thanks, sent in your direction.

Hope this digital, message in a bottle, finds its way to your inbox.

Unknown said...

I was at that original performance of Tubes at Gusto house..

You guys told me, The PVC glue was hardly dry..

Afterwards a few of us went out for drinks as one of your sisters, worked at a place called the Wonder bar..

Shortly after you were at la mama..

I was proud to see you on the bigger stage..

And equally proud of Gusto house, for having provided, that fertile ground to grow in..

jon emmet said...

I was at the Gusto House a couple of times, the first time was to see TMBG New Years Eve 1987. It's amazing that the audio from that show actually exists on the internet. I remember showing up there and was amazed at all of the people in the place as well as the stage and face!!! Amazing times indeed!!!

TMBG New Years Eve 1987.