Monday, June 3, 2013

Latest weapon in the First Avenue $1 slice wars: Dancing Pizza Menu Woman

Spotted outside Joey Pepperoni's this past weekend.

When will it end? Full-frontal nudity? Then what about the children?

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vzabuser said...

I saw a guy who wouldn't set foot inside yesterday. He kept banging the sign out in front with something metallic until someone came out to calm him down. Maybe pepperoni allergies?

BB said...

looks like he is scaring people away

chris flash said...

This reminds me of the I Love Lucy episode in which Ricky + Lucy, operating a cafe called "A Little Bit of Cuba" get into a price war with Fred + Ethel, operating their luncheonette on the other side of the store (a white line separated them!), called "A Big Hunk of America" -- Lucy + Ricky ended up charging NOTHING, just so they wouldn't lose a customer to Ethel + Fred!!

Scuba Diva said...

Chris flash: An I Love Lucy episode I haven't seen!