Monday, June 3, 2013

Betola Espresso Bar is moving to Brooklyn

A tipster let us know that Betola Espresso Bar on East Sixth Street has closed. Here's the message on Betola's Facebook page:

Some bittersweet news, Betola is officially closing on 6/1 but we are moving to Brooklyn! Stay tuned for new location details. THANK YOU friends, family and coffee lovers for all the love and support! We hope to see you at our new spot soon!

Betola, an unpretentious spot with friendly owners, opened here at 514 E. Sixth St. almost one year ago. While higher rents are usually the culprit, it wasn't the case here. Apparently the owners got the proverbial deal that they couldn't refuse to move to a larger space with a sweet rent.


Hey19 said...

Too bad, I liked Betola. Usually some good jazz playing inside, good coffee.

Anonymous said...

when are we going to rename this blog "everything cool has moved/is moving to brooklyn" ?

Anonymous said...

Brooklyn sucks. Buy your coffee at a deli and drink it from a little blue cup. It's the real. BK is the fake.