Monday, June 3, 2013

Pricing for apartments at former Cabrini Center revealed; 4-bedroom unit for $7,600 at Bloom 62

Several units from Bloom 62, developer Ben Shaoul's luxury apartment building that replaced the former Cabrini Center on East Fifth Street and Avenue B, appeared on Streeteasy this past weekend. There are six listings, ranging from a one-bedroom unit for $3,450 all the way up to a four-bedroom unit for $7,600.

The listings all basically showcase the same amenities. Here's the one for the four-bedroom pad:

Brand New Listing in Pristine New Building. Huge 4 Bedrooms with Tons of Closet Space. Amazing Deal. This Apartment will not last!

Apartment Details:

-Brand New Renovations
-Very Spacious Layout
-Queen Size Bedrooms
-Beautiful Spa Style Marble Bathroom
-Wide Plank Hardwood Floors
- Closet Space!

Kitchen Features:
-Chef’s Kitchen
-Plenty of Counter Space / Cabinet Space
-Stainless Steel Appliances (Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Microwave)
-Granite Counter top


New Doorman bldg Features:

24 hour doorman
Gym & exercise facility with weight room
Secured landscaped courtyard entrance
Standard storage
Laundry room
Bicycle storage
Landscaped roof deck with showers, Weber grills, & teak sun-deck
Yoga room with music system
Handicap accessible

According to Streeteasy, the apartments are available starting June 14. The previous tenant here was the 240-bed Cabrini Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation — sponsored by the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus — that provided health care for low-income elderly residents in the East Village. The center opened in 1993 and served 240 patients and employed nearly 300 employees. The facility closed last June.

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Anonymous said...

How affordable! I'll take two units--one to live in and one for out-of-town guests!

vzabuser said...

That kitchen still looks vaguely institutional. If I pay $14,000- can I have a real Kitchen?

nygrump said...

I'm going to rent one so I can sublease it by the night to eurotrash!

Anonymous said...

They look like hospital rooms with kitchens. Lets not forget PEOPLE HAVE DIED IN THERE.

Anonymous said...

@nycgrump AirBnCorpse

Anonymous said...

Boggles the mind that people would pay upscale prices to live in an area where you are not quite safe, you have to watch your wallet and your back, esp. at night. And gang violence and shenanigans not too far away. I guess its different priorities after all that roof deck and outdoor showers does sounds pretty sweet.

BB said...

way to have your pulse on the nieghborhood by offering luxury $100,000 per year apartments in a nieghborhood that has a medium snnual household income of $50,000

Bowerygals said...

How nice! And you get to live in a hurricane zone B with flood risk from category 2 or higher hurricane! and that's from 2011!
Re; the kitchen - this guy can't quite pull off "luxury" can he?
But damn, evicting poor and infirm elders from their nursing home? I mean it's classic Dickens kind of shitty, yes? The kind of bad guy that everyone this your "legacy" Mr. real estate guy?
"Oh yes I'm THAT guy son!"

Anonymous said...

When it rains will the bodies float to the surface and burst through the floor? Just asking...

Anonymous said...

Where are all these super rich people? All I see are luxury condos popping up all over the city. Who are they built for exactly???

Anonymous said...

No salaries under $165,600 please for the 1-BR (not a joke, most apt brokers want your rent to be 25% of your income, though 50% is more common in NYC---still 80K shuts out alot of people).

Anonymous said...

Yeah there's a real shortage if luxury housing in NYC. Even funeral parlors aren't safe.

Anonymous said...

It's going to be students, frat boys, & 20 somethings partying night and day with multiple roommates squeezed into make shift bedrooms. Beware if you try to live there

Anonymous said...

Pied a terre (s) for the trustafarian generation ... "we're buying little Johnny a condo while he's at Stern, and then we'll flip it!"

Joey Blau said...

rentals are income = 50x your rent.. so a $2,000 apartment you need to make $100k.. a $10,000 = 500k and 14,000/4 say 4,000 = 200k each..

and do you get the other half of that kitchen or is that it.

Anonymous said...

Misleading advertising. This explicitly describes it as a "new building" and "New Doorman bldg". It isn't a new building, just a gut renovation.

Anyway, the prices are tragic/comic, but the saddest part is they are probably already rented.

- East Villager

Integra Creek said...

I agree with most of the commenters here. The price is too much considering that the neighborhood is not what exactly you would call "ideal". Look at all those graffiti! I still hope they can rent this out though.