Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Newsstand vendor Jerry Delakas meets Mayor de Blasio

By now, you likely know the situation with Jerry's Newsstand on Astor Place outside the downtown 6 entrance.

On Dec. 9, the Department of Consumer Affairs shut down the stand that Jerry Delakas has operated the past 26 years before he could file an appeal with the city to stay in business. (Find more background about this ongoing legal battle here.)

On Sunday, Jerry was one of the thousands of New Yorkers to stand in line to meet Mayor de Blasio at Gracie Mansion.

In total, he waited three hours…

He eventually got to meet the mayor.

From the Save Jerry's Newsstand Facebook page:

Jerry met new mayor Bill de Blasio who said of Jerry's Newsstand to Jerry "Great place!" Paraphrasing the rest: after being told of lock out, de Blasio said he 'is aware, there is a great injustice, and then instructed his aides to 'get on it immediately.' ... Jerry then spoke to aid who took from him the specifics of the case.

Jerry and East Village resident Kelly King also presented the mayor with a mini Jerry's Newsstand. (Jeremiah Moss has a lot more details today on the mini stand and the meet-and-greet with the mayor.)

Meanwhile, there is word that State Supreme Court Justice Carol E. Hull will hear arguments tomorrow "on whether the stand should be reopened while the appeal is pending," as The New York Times put it.

And Jerry's supporters are holding a "We Got Your Back" rally tomorrow morning at 9 on the steps of New York County Courts at 60 Centre Street ahead of the hearing.

You can find more information at the Save Jerry's Newsstand Facebook page.

Meanwhile today, Colin Moynihan files a piece for the Times on the case and the changes that Jerry has seen on Astor Place since he started at the newsstand in 1987.

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nygrump said...

nice work for everyone helping out

Anonymous said...

It would be great if we could all take a second to email the mayor to thank him for talking to Jerry and ask him to help save Jerry's newsstand. If you're interested, click on this link, and scroll down to the very bottom to fill out a webform.

chris flash said...

This was a gratuitous kick in the ass by outgoing emperor Bloombucks.

There need not be a court action to enable Jerry to win. DeBlaz has the authority to let Jerry have his fucking newsstand back with a l-o-n-g term lease right now.....

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steve said...

An article about Deblasio saying he's aware and wanting to help Jerry appeared in today's Daily News

Anonymous said...

I bet Delakas is glad that people will stop following him around taking his picture everywhere he goes!