Thursday, January 23, 2014

Peels closed for good yesterday on the Bowery; casual Italian next?

Apparently those rumors about Peels closing were true. In a statement to Grub Street yesterday, owners William Tigertt and Taavo Somer said: "We've had a great run and thank all of our staff, the neighborhood and customers for the years of support and memories."

The restaurant on the Bowery at East Second Street closed yesterday morning after breakfast service.

The rumors surfaced when the address also showed up on this month's CB3/SLA committee docket. (The item was scratched from the agenda ahead of the meeting.)

In a comment on Jan. 13, an EVG reader said that Serge Becker and Josh Picard, who are taking over the 7A space, will be the new operators "for ... casual Italian. Just like Gemma a block away." Eater hears that it's Picard and Andrew Carmellini planning the restaurant in the space.

The building was sold last summer for more than $9 million.

Peels opened to much fanfare in August 2010. Their early drink menu included The Joey Ramone … made with apple brandy, lime juice and concord grape juice (or concord grape wine??)

Perhaps this inclusion made some sense as the restaurant did share a corner with Joey Ramone Place.


Gojira said...

Last time I ate there, which was this past summer, the food had really taken a nosedive. Too bad, cos it was good when it opened.

Anonymous said...

That place was straight outta Connecticut/The Hamptons.

Anonymous said...

The kind of restaurant that only exist on tv sitcoms is closing and another themed restaurant "created" by small fry Monopoly players will be taking its place.

Legitimate Golf said...

I know they probably meant well as a tribute and all but seeing Joey Ramone's name on some smug, ritzy cocktail menu like that makes me depressed.

dmbream said...

Food was garbage.

Can't believe it was hyped so much and attracted such lines.

Anonymous said...

I recall the community board meeting where they were green lighted into the space and were going to clean up the corner from drug dealers. I'm sure it did. The concept seemed odd to me as a consumer, never went.

Anonymous said...

In 12 years, I've seen nothing but openings, and not long after, closings at that location. Verdict: doomed.

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

This is terrible! Where else in the neighborhood am I gonna be able to get a biscuit sandwich with egg, cheese, bacon, and avocado for $12?

bowboy said...

The only surprise is that Peels lasted this long. Their PR person got them initial buzz, but nothing was ever good there, so no repeat customer base. And it was way overpriced.

Peels can now join all the other 2-year spots that keep turning over and over in the EV. The incoming proprietors don't know better, and CB3 is not helping them to know what they're in for (empty tables & chairs Sunday-Thursday). Just another bankrupt weekend venue for the neighborhood trash heap. Good riddance.

Actually, the last place that was any good on this spot was the Crab Shack. I miss that place.