Wednesday, January 22, 2014

3 things about Narcissa, the new restaurant at the Standard East Village

[EVG file photo of Café Standard]

The Standard East Village is ready to debut its new restaurant.

Florence Fabricant has a quickie preview of it at the Times.

• The place is called Narcissa, named for a cow on hotel operator André Balazs’s upstate farm, Locusts-on-Hudson near Rhinebeck.

• The place will serve "as much produce as possible" from said farm, Locusts-on-Hudson.

• The place "will convey a breezy informality that suits the neighborhood," Ms. Fabricant writes.

While "breezy informality" sounds nice, it also sounds like a different place than what the Help Wanted ad for the restaurant described.

• Charismatic and possesses natural ability to engage and serve diverse guests and high-profile clientele
• Confident and proactive without being overbearing.
• Able to thrive in a fast-paced, high-volume environment.
• A clear thinker in high pressure situations.
• A background with a 'farm-to-table', product driven menu.
• Conveys a personal sense of style and sophistication.
• Comfortable interacting with high-profile guests in fashionable & socially dynamic environments.

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Uncle Waltie said...

'Breezy informality' underscored by 2 years worth of construction noise.There'll be a mass exodus of 'high-profile guests'.

Say goodbye to fashionable & socially dynamic environments.

Anonymous said...

"Conveys a personal sense of style and sophistication." Really? Do they want staff to just show up for work dressed however they wish? Maybe lots of tattoos and piercings from the nearby St Marks? Waitstaff should look and act like staff not like kids coming out of da clubs.

Anonymous said...

The construction is going to make the bodies burst up through the floors. Please, no more bodies! There are unmarked grave sites everywhere.

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

It's the same as every other restaurant catering to fashion and media: they're looking for wannabe models and actors to wait on Charlie Rose and the VP of Brand Marketing at Denny's.

Narcissa seems like a perfect name for the place.

Spike said...

How the hell do they expect to find someone who can engage and serve high profile guests AND be comfortable interacting with high-profile guests!

DrGecko said...

Breezy informality = farts.

Anonymous said...

High profile guests sit in that plant lot? Next to the deafening construction site? I can think of a million better places to indulge with a $95 martini.