Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Maria's Cafe is leaving the East Village for West Harlem

We recently heard that Maria's Cafe was leaving her sliver of a food stand on East Third Street and Avenue C… Our source said that she would be subleasing space from a restaurant on Broadway around East 10th Street… We had it wrong. Well, the Broadway part is correct … however, it's Broadway and 131st Street in West Harlem.

As we understand it, there just wasn't enough business anymore on this corner, where nearby storefronts have been boarded up … the building on the corner is in disrepair, and will eventually be demolished… Word is the buildings from 26 Avenue C to the corner will eventually be razed for housing of some sort…

Plans were filed with the city in July 2005 for a new 6-floor residential building here … The city disapproved the plans in May 2006, and nothing more happened with the project.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a regular customer and I'm really going to miss Leo and Maria... Can the tipster provide any more info as to where exactly they'll be moving and when?

Anonymous said...

I will mis them They made the best batidas.
East Village Corner

Anonymous said...

Follow them on Instagram! I just found their page, @marias.cafe