Thursday, January 30, 2014

Details emerge about what's next for former the 7A, Odessa Cafe & Bar spaces

[The former 7A on Tuesday via Bobby Williams]

The paperwork on file ahead of next month's CB3/SLA meeting provides some information about what's to come to 7A, which closed after Sunday, and the Odessa Cafe & Bar.

The applicant's name (PDF!) for the space is New 7A Cafe LLC. The name of the managing partner on the application is Paul Salmon. He is a co-founder of Joe's Pub (along with Kevin Abbott, Serge Becker and Josh Pickard) and Miss Lily's, the Jamaican bar and restaurant on West Houston.

The rumor out there was that Becker and Pickard were opening some kind of Southern-themed restaurant here.

The Odessa Cafe & Bar
The applicant's name for the space at 117 Avenue A is simply Avenue A Project LLC. However, an email address associated with the applicant (PDF!) is for DeRossi Global, the company behind Death and Co., Amor Y Amargo, Mayahuel, the Bourgeois Pig, Gin Palace and Proletariat.

There's no other information on the application about what's to come. Based on the other DeRossi establishments, you could go with "high-end cocktails" and likely be close to being right.

The Odessa Cafe & Bar closed last Aug. 31. The Odessa dates here to 1965.


dmbream said...

They should keep all the decor of Odessa.

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Why is it that whenever details emerge about anything in the EV these days, they always suck?

Jill said...

Paul Salmon also owns Rock House hotel in Jamaica.

Scuba Diva said...

Jamaica, Queens?

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Agreed, the Odessa space should keep the gourds!, more of the same old thing then.

Anonymous said...

Only since 1965? The Odessa felt like it had been around forever!