Thursday, January 23, 2014

Construction watch: 165 Avenue B

Checking in on the work that has been happening at 165 Avenue B just north of East 10th Street. Permits show that the building is undergoing a head-to-toe renovation, including "reinforcement of structure in cellar, removal of existing apartment in basement, renovation of Apt 1,2,3,4, on floors 1-4."

The building was sold in December 2012 for $3.8 million, according to property records. 165 Avenue B LLC is listed as the owner.

A previous listing for the building mentioned that "1,865 sq ft of air rights remain," though there's nothing on file yet to suggestion any additional floors here.

And, as we've mentioned before... in what seems like a long time ago, junk shop Waldorf Hysteria last called the retail space home....

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~evilsugar25 said...

i miss waldorf hysteria so much! and all of the similar shops that used to make up the old hood. so very sad what it's become.