Friday, January 31, 2014

Things we were unaware of: Village Farm Grocery now delivers kegs

The other morning we walked by Village Farm Grocery on Second Avenue and East Ninth Street ... and noticed a lot of kegs out front... Forgot to follow-up on that one (after all, it was like -2 degrees out).

Anyway! We saw on Facebook yesterday that the market is now delivering kegs... right to your apartment, dorm room, etc. Here's a list of what they have on tap, so to speak.

Perhaps some other corner markets have the same service? Dunno! Why would anyone want so much beer delivered to his or her home? [Don't really answer that.]


Anonymous said...

I got an email advert from them the other day (via looks as if they are turning into a full fledged beer store. I do have to say, their selection was impressive

Anonymous said...

Bro-store what a clever yet horrific idea. I guess they are paying attention to what is around them (and us).

Anonymous said...

I brew beer and typically keg it and put it in my kegerator for a lasting draft on tap.

When I am too lazy I typically buy a keg from Hoboken Beer and Soda because NYC prices are about 40% more. These prices are not really worth buying a keg from an economics standpoint. I wish there was another corner grocery that would sell premium craft kegs at a reasonable price.

A little while ago I said...

They're all for that 6-bedroom apartment you recently posted about.

blue glass said...

just what the neighborhood is missing!
let's make it easier to throw a loud drunken frat party - there aren't enough of those already.

do they also deliver to the dorms?

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Those are half barrel kegs. A half barrel kegs serves 248 8oz glasses with a 1 inch foam head. The beer will not spoil until after 2 or 3 months.

So that breaks down to about four 8 oz servings/day for two months. making it pretty economical compared to buying by the bottle. But its doubtful that daily use over the course of a couple of months is what these kegs are actually being used for.

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, I think Fresh Jersey Eggs also sold babka. :-)

Village Farm Grocery said...

Thank you for noticing us on facebook, we make every attempt possible to stay in touch with what our patrons want and like. Our customers asked us to stock craft beer in large quantity so that they could order in special brews for their special events. We are till the same grocery store that works hard to improve our customers shopping experience.

Thank you
Village Farm Grocery

Anonymous said...

Responding to demand. Isn't that what local businesses are supposed to do?