Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New restaurant getting their 'schnitz together' at the former Something Sweet space

Renovations are happening at the former Something Sweet bakery on First Avenue and East 11th Street… where Schnitz, which serves old-fashioned schnitzel sandwiches with unconventional toppings at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg and Dumbo, is opening its first proper restaurant...

Schnitz will serve sandwiches, soups and salads from its East Village location. (You can find their menu here.)

There's also a sign announcing their arrival…

[Photo by Blue Glass]

From the look of things, though, there is plenty of work left today before you can have your schnitzel.

Something Sweet, the family-owned bakery, closed in July 2012.

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Makeout said...

Glanced at the menu. I can't stand "named" sandwiches. "I'd like turkey swiss on wheat."
'oh you want the so and so' No I want grumble grumble..."

Anonymous said...

Thought there was a schnitzel place opening on the corner of 2nd St and 1st avenue...is that a different one?

Anonymous said...

schnitzel? isn't that just a tasty hamburger?