Friday, January 31, 2014

'Charlie Victor Romeo,' from Ludlow Street to the big screen

"Charlie Victor Romeo" was originally a play produced at Collective Unconscious on Ludlow Street in 1999 ... it moved on in 2004 to PS 122.

The play, a dramatization based on the transcripts of actual black box recordings from six airline emergencies, was filmed (in 3-D!) for a movie version in 2012. After making the festival rounds, "Charlie Victor Romeo" is currently in a two-week run over at the Film Forum through Feb. 11.

Here's a review of it from the Times ... and here's the official "Charlie" website.


Shawn said...

The scariest, most terrifying shit you'll ever see.

Trust me.

The Philosophical Zombie said...

It's terrific by every definition of the word- go see it!!