Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Report: Jerry Delakas receives 2 weeks to reach deal with city to operate Astor Place newsstand

Some potentially good news to pass along. The city has granted Jerry Delakas two weeks to reach an agreement with the city to continue operating the newsstand at Astor Place, Serena Soloman reports this afternoon at DNAinfo.

Per her article:

"This will give us two weeks to work things out," said Arthur Schwartz, an attorney from Advocate for Justice, which is representing Delakas. "If someone else gets in that would be a big mess."

Schwartz also filed a petition Wednesday in an ongoing effort to get the 64-year-old Delakas temporary approval to operate the newsstand — his only source of income — while the city makes its decision.

Schwartz said the fight for Delakas to be granted his own license by the Department of Consumer Affairs will be "an uphill battle," because he had been operating under the umbrella of a former owner and never had the license transferred into his name.

"He will only get his license back if the mayor intervenes," Schwartz said.

Mayor de Blasio is said to be aware of the situation with the newsstand, which Delakas has operated since 1987.

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Anonymous said...

Wishing Jerry the best of luck. I hope everything works out for him so he can keep running his newsstand, which is such an important part of Astor Place.

genevieve said...

Good luck, Jerry!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Serge Becker & Co. can swoop in and take the stand? It would look really nice with velvet rope and a doorman. Classes up the corner.

BT said...

I'm sure somebody somewhere has already thought of this: With thousands of employees coming into the Death Star, the value of the newsstand has increased.