Thursday, January 5, 2017

Elvis Guesthouse space for rent at 85 Avenue A

Elvis Guesthouse reportedly wrapped up its nearly two-year run on New Year's Eve at 85 Avenue A.

The bar, located in a subterranean space between Fifth Street and Sixth Street, had featured an impressive array of DJs and live music during its time (which also annoyed a few neighbors).

According to the listing at Eastern Consolidated, the asking rent for the 1,100-square-foot space below Somtum Der is $11,500. Not to mention $275,000 in key money.

Elvis Guesthouse co-owners Zachary Mexico and Billy Jones, who operate Baby's All Right in Williamsburg, are opening a venue on Lafayette near Astor Place described as an "an indie music hall and restaurant."


Gojira said...

It also hosted Fringe Festival performances, some of which I saw there. Hope whoever takes over the space continues that tradition.

Anonymous said...

That place was a nuisance. Too many fights. Can't wait for the karaoke crack den further down the block to close.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:13...karaoke crack den? Sing Sing's been there longer than you and is a great place. I love being able to go in the rooms and sing with friends. It feels like the East Village and is always a great time. Maybe you would prefer the BoHo Karaoke on Orchard which is straight out of a mall. I admit I am not into bars or noise, but that place is great! You probably just rented an apartment above it.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:13 doubt there were many fights considering it was always weakling hipster/fashion people... you might be thinking of a different spot.