Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Reader: Lack of a goodbye note makes Mercadito Cantina 'a bad neighbor'

Not sure if I want to go here again. Ah, what the hell... So, Mercadito Cantina on Avenue B near 11th Street served its last meal as a restaurant Sunday night... And a commenter, who had chimed in on the epic Mercadito Cantina post from Jan. 17, sent along an e-mail noting that the restaurant hadn't left a goodbye note on the door for neighbors/diners as of Sunday evening or yesterday.

And this, in the estimation of the commenter/reader, "shows that they were a bad neighbor — they didn't even care enough to leave a note for any locals who patronised them."

Well, OK.

However, there is a note on their website:

Meanwhile, what's to come? This tweet may provide some idea...

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

They are expected to leave a goodbye note to the locals who drove them out of business?

If I were them I'd turn the space into a 24/7 homeless shelter/soup kitchen/rehab clinic/pinball arcade/bodega/live performance space for a few months, just in spite.