Monday, February 7, 2011

Two Nicky's now for the East Village

On Friday night, we reported that the new location of Nicky's had a soft opening on East Fourth Street between Avenue A and Avenue B...

[Photo via EV Grieve reader Hanser]

The restaurant will be open in the next week.

Of course, there's already the Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches on Second Street just east of Avenue A. There was some speculation last spring that Nicky's may be leaving the neighborhood.

A member of the Dang family, who owns the four Nicky's in NYC, said they will continue operating the Second Street location. The family member also said they'd be looking for a liquor license at the Fourth Street restaurant.



i feel fat said...

YAY for Nicky's. I've been waiting for a good Pho place in the East Village.

Anonymous said...

fuck them, after their bullshit party NO WAY.
be a restaurant and I'll go, you don't need a liquor license.

Anonymous said...

bullshit party? come on, it was a soft opening party with karaoke. they werent open for business. it ENDED at 11pm on a FRIDAY NIGHT!! if you can't handle a good karaoke party, you don't belong in the east village or in nyc...period. chill out.