Monday, February 7, 2011

There goes the Elephant

Over the weekend, workers continued gutting the former Elephant thai place on East First Street...

The Elephant closed in December. (You can read its history here, including an interview with the manager.)

What's next here?

The Feast reported that the team behind fancy cocktail emporium Summit Bar on Avenue C will open an Italian cafe this spring. They are considering the name Prima Strada, which translates to First Street. Word is the place will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and open at 8 a.m.


JM said...

Grieve, would you please stop calling the Summit a 'fancy cocktail emporium'? It's not that fancy, and the one time we went there, the 'cocktails' were hideous. They're made for, and maybe by, people who don't know the difference, with cheap booze (you have no choice in that matter) that and lackluster other ingredients. When we left, the place was full of kids who were mostly drinking beer, which either the owners counted on or which proves that kids today are smarter than I usually give them credit for. My suggestion to you is, just call it the Summit, full stop. Even that is pretty insulting to Frank, Sammy and Dean, but there's no law against desecrating old tuxedo-clad high-lifers.

EV Grieve said...

@John M.

Perhaps I should simply add "alleged" in front of fancy?

Ha! And noted!