Friday, February 10, 2012

Roastown Coffee now Eastside on St. Mark's and Second Avenue

That's a really catchy name! Kinda seems exactly like Roastown Coffee, which opened here in November 2010.

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Roastown Coffee coming to Second Avenue and St. Mark's Place


Anonymous said...

All the same bland crap. Let's hope it has the same fate. I remember when The Gap tried to do business there.Every week the windows were smashed.They finally tucked tail and left the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

so can i just walk in or do i have to log on

EV Grieve said...

@ anon 5:36


Joe said...

@anon 5:33

Turned tail? Gap has a store just off Astor Square, maybe a quarter mile from the old spot on St. Marks.

There's a few other Roastown (strange spelling) Coffees, I wonder if they closed too?

Donnie Fundle said...

Thank the Bejesus Most High that this is here - lets start a campaign of diareah blatzing in the premeses..!!