Friday, June 1, 2012

[Updated] 6 months after drug bust, Sunburnt Cow reopening garden with a 'just say no' party

Last December, the NYPD closed Sunburnt Cow Avenue C due to "suspected illegal drug activity." Since then, the bar-restaurant-drunken-brunch destination has only been open on weekends and for special events ... So.

From the EV Grieve inbox...

Celebrate the opening of the outdoor garden at The Sunburnt Cow with a party that would make Nancy Reagan proud! Boldly declaring their stance on drugs, The Sunburnt Cow invites you to join them and “Just Say No” on Friday, June 1, 2012.

Dine under the stars in the breezy outdoor retreat just in time for summer.

FRIDAY, JUNE 1, 2012

4:00 PM – 2:00 AM

And we had asked the Sunburnt Cow folks for a comment about all this... Via a rep:

"The Moo Life Group does not support or condone drug use of any kind at its properties and this evenings 'Just Say No' event reinforces that fact through The Sunburnt Cow's usual irreverence and humor."

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LvV said...

Are any of the doofs who attend this thing even going to get the 'Just say No' reference? Do they even know who Nancy Reagan is?

Anonymous said...

If I was a neighbor and all of a sudden this place had a "garden" open in the back I'd be very very sickened!

EV Grieve said...

The garden is covered. Most of the complaints that I've heard about were with the people congregating out front.

Anonymous said...

The "garden" is "covered" with a plastic tarp not a roof - and there are two large open windows on the rear wall.

The greedy inconsiderates who run the place blast music as if it were a soundproofed indoor space - often well past 10pm, and sometimes past midnight. It's a nuisance to those who live anywhere near.

The front of the place, with it's hulking stoop is a magnet for loudmouthed fratties for sure, but I promise you, the ass end of the cow is just as obnoxious as the front. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hello EV Grieve!

I'm Heathe the owner of the Cow. I just wanted to respond to some anonymous comments made today.

We have been open 9 years this year and in that time have done our best to co-habitate with our neighborhood. Many neighbors have my personal cell number and call whenever the bar is too loud. This generally only ever occurs when a new manager starts and forgets to turn the music off in the back room at 11pm. We do not have open windows and we close the roof and the music at 11pm in the back. We also have sound proofed windows and doors that separate the inside to the patio.

Our policies have always been very strict with regard to excessive late night noise. I understand we cannot always please everyone but we can definitely do our best!

In the 9 years we have been open we have had little trouble in the neighborhood. I judge this by the 9th precinct meetings we have religiously attended and the positive response from the NYPD with regard to noise complaints etc.

As far as being greedy and inconsiderate, the closing of the Cow in December weighed heavily on our group. Although we were able to open January 6th. We have taken this time to reflect upon our place in the neighborhood and what we wish to do moving forward.

The next 2 or 3 months will be the end of the Cow as it is now. We will be closing at the end of the summer to renovate and rejuvenate the restaurant. As an owner i am aware that Ave C has changed and we have to change with it.

We have several successful Australian food driven restaurants in the city and Brooklyn and intend to focus on this for the new improved Cow.

In the spirit of community I offer my email to anyone who wishes to contact me. I will again make my cell phone available to anyone who wishes it and be available for any issues that arise with the re-opening and questions for the new improved Sunburnt Cow.


Anonymous said...

I use to live above that bar. It was horrible. I lasted only a few months. But I have to say the guys that run the bar and Heathe included are good dudes.

Anonymous said...

I live in the building and echo those same sentiments regarding the noise despite the freindly staff. I don't think I can last here much longer now that it will again be open every night.