Sunday, June 3, 2012

[Updated] Blood outside Fine Fare

A reader notes that last night around 9:15, seven police officers, both uniformed and in plain clothes, chased down, handcuffed and searched a man in a baseball cap, T-shirt and shorts on the east end of the Fine Fare storage cages on East Fourth Street at Avenue C.

The NYPD cordoned off the area, placed the man on a stretcher and into an ambulance. An officer on the scene told the reader that the man had been chased from elsewhere and caught at that location. The reader also noticed that the man in custody was bleeding while standing against Fine Fare.

This morning, the reader saw that the man's dried blood was on the sidewalk ... along with a glove and gauze ...

The reader said that neighbors had talked to the Fine Fare manager about the blood. The manager allegedly said it wasn't his problem. Later this morning, two officers arrived on the scene, picked up the glove and gauze, and then went inside Fine Fare.

As of 11:30 this morning, the blood is still there.

Any other readers have further information about what happened here? Please send them our way via the EV Grieve email

Updated 1:16:
Gothamist has more on the incident here. According to their tipster:

"I talked to the manager who said he wasn't going to do anything about it and threw me out of the store ... I called 911 and 2 officers came, picked up those gloves and gauze you see from the street and threw them in the corner garbage can, and nothing else."


Anonymous said...

Thank you for covering this! And for the cross-link to Gothamist's coverage. It was an alarming thing to witness and now continues to be a completely nauseating and worrisome thing to see on my block. I appreciate the two officers - who presumably had nothing to do with the handing of the arrest - picking up the gloves and gauze, and understand Fine Fare had nothing to do with the crime, but come on! Pools of dried blood are a nuisance and a SERIOUS hazard to the neighborhood and their customers!

EV Grieve said...

You're welcome... I walked by at 2 and the blood was still on the sidewalk.

Shawn said...

Dog shit is more of a health hazard than dried up human blood.

Stabbings in Alphabet City? Shocker. This is Loisaida! Move along, nothing to see here.

Anonymous said...

This does not surprise me. Fine Fare has absolutely no regard for the community. They are the worst neighbor. The Dept of Sanitation routinely fines the homestead buildings on the block for having one little piece of garbage out of place, but human blood on the sidewalk is okay at Fine Fare? WTF? This gives you an idea of how they approach cleanliness inside their store.

LU LU said...

Oh my guaze!

Anonymous said...

Fine Fare, a/k/a "Crime Fayre" - i live near (too near, actually) the Crime Fayre on Clinton ST bet Grand ST & E . Broadway and I can attest to the fact that they are th worst -run store ever, with the worst "managers" and the worst customer "service".
Store chain is an outrage.
It is amazing what crap people will put up with when then have no alternatives - that is the only reason these stores manage to thrive.

Anonymous said...

@Shawn Chittle: you may be incorrect about the relative hazard potential of dog shit versus dried human blood. Take a look here for example:

Hepatitis B

"The Hepatitis B virus is very durable, and it can survive in dried blood for up to seven days. For this reason, this virus is the primary concern for employees such as housekeepers, custodians, laundry personnel and other employees who may come in contact with blood or potentially infectious materials in a non first-aid or medical care situation."