Thursday, June 14, 2012

'Established food operators' wanted for former Polonia space on First Avenue

Just noting the for rent signs are up at Polonia, the homey Polish restaurant that closed last December here along First Avenue between Seventh Street and Sixth Street.

Not many details on the listing (such as monthly rent):

Empellon Cocina, Subway, McDonald's, Caracas Arepa Bar, Luke's Lobster Bar, Porchetta NYC, Pylos, Ricky's and Cafe Mogador

-- Prime East Village Location
-- Currently vacant
-- Direct deal
-- Seeking established food operators

Looked at who the broker, New Street Realty, has leased to recently... the recent transactions include The Growler Station on West Eighth Street ... a 16 Handles ... the Subway next door to Polonia ... five Hale and Hearty Soup locations... one 7-Eleven ... a Just Salad ... a few bank branches...

Anyone want to go with a Hale & Hearty as the next tenant here then?


Spike said...

Could be wrong, but I wouldn't think Hale & Hearty would go for this neighborhood. They seem to like to be near offices for the big lunchtime crowds. I'm hoping for the return of Wrap-o-Rama or an Eenie-Meenie-Panini shop, personally.

EV Grieve said...

@ Spike

Wrap-o-Rama! How long were they around?

I may open a Wrappers Delight.

Uh, anyway. A Hale & Hearty will be handy for people working in the Death Star.

BagelGuy said...

f it were a few blocks more south, I'd consider taking that space. Sadly, it's not close enough to a Starbucks for me. Sleep well for now Schultz, but know that I am coming for you and your sickly looking plastic wrapped sandwiches.

Dave - Everywwhere said...

I'm interested in the site for a niche Subway featuring artisanal cold cuts and curated cheeses on hand-crafted bread. Local lettuce and tomato locally grown in a back corner of TSP.

Did I miss anything? I want to make this as buzz-worthy as possible before I announce on Twitter, Tumbler etc.

Anonymous said...

I agree it won't be Hale and Hearty. Although my wife would love it if it were.

I think Hale and Hearty will probably open up a location on St Mark's at some point.

It's actually hard to get a good salad in the East Village, or so my wife tells me...

Prosaic concerns I know....

DrGecko said...

Easiest thing is for the Subweigh's next door to expand. You know, to accomodate their overflow.