Sunday, June 10, 2012

Updated: Memorial for murder victim on East Fifth Street

There is a memorial on East Fifth Street between Avenue C and Avenue D near the site of Friday night's fatal stabbing. CBS New York has more details on what transpired. A "nasty fight" broke out between a boyfriend and girlfriend. That's when 31-year-old Corey Capers, a relative of the woman, intervened. The boyfriend then allegedly stabbed Capers to death and fled the scene.

According to CBS, "Police have identified the boyfriend and said that they are close to an arrest."

Meanwhile, a reader sent along the above photo, noting one of the inscriptions - "you lost your life trying to save another."

Updated 2 p.m.

The Post reports that the woman was the aunt of Capers; the Daily News says that the woman was his grandmother. Gothamist posted a photo of Capers (left) and the suspect, who police identified as 47-year-old Carl Knox, aka Abdul Hakim ...

Capers reportedly has a 5-year-old son and was engaged to be married.

Updated 6:01 am. June 11:

The Daily News reports that Knox has been in and out of state prison since 1986. "His rap sheet lists more than 25 arrests, including for such serious charges as rape, assault and criminal possession of a weapon, police said."



Anonymous said...

This is so sad.

Anonymous said...

25 arrests? Why is this guy still on the street?

Anonymous said...

He is still on the street because we have to make room in prisons for non violent offenders . Stop the drug war. Only violent people should be in prison.!!!