Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nice Guy Eddie's closing Sunday

An EVG Facebook friend shared this news with us...

As Eater reported in April, the CB3/SLA committee OK'd the transfer of assets from the David McWater-owned Nice Guy Eddie's on Avenue A at Houston/East First Street to an entity called Downtown Dining LLC led by Darin Rubell of the Gallery Bar. Plans call for a restaurant serving "American comfort food."


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Anonymous said...

McWater is cashing in. The amount of businesses he has purchased and sold on the LES is daunting. I hope that you know that he and many others are running the LES and East Village. You know his cronies too. They are in real estate, nightlife and great supporters of the arts.
The proliferation of liquor licenses is an aggressive tactic to transform the neighborhood. McWater is the ringleader. Nice Guy Eddie's, once a local East Village dive bar will now become a more upscale restaurant and bar for Yuppies and tourists. Two of the new owners are Bob Perl owner of Tower Brokerage and Darin Rubell.

Darin Rubell coined the name "LEV", Lower East Village.

They destroyed the LES and now they are trying to take over the East Village. All of our current bars and restaurants are under a magnifying glass by nightlife entrepreneurs and real estate owners. They are salivating over the landscape that they plan to take over and gentrify, either through the lounge restaurant game or by buying people out of their rent stabilized apartments and pushing out the working class, artists and eccentrics.

David McWater is a member of CB3's SLA and Land Use Committees.

glamma said...

Wow. End of an era. Hate to see it, and its patrons, go. Especially if it will be replaced with more upscale yuppie crap designed for toursists and perma-tourists (moneyed transplants who never leave).


Anonymous said...

Of haters out there. If you love the place so much maybe should have
Spent more money there so they wouldnt have to close. I live a block away and can tell u it's a dump but a prime location. Glad to see my neighborhood improving.

Anonymous said...

Happy to see this place go. Dave McWater (NGE owner) once said at a staff meeting, "You are all replaceable and y'all mean nothing to me." So, now he is replaceable as well.

Also happy to see that shitty Kiss mural go, it has been an eyesore for too long.