Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Your chance to make this East 13th Street building a little taller

406 E. 13th St. near First Avenue is back on the market ... the current asking price for the building with two residences and a retail space is $4.3 million.

A few of the highlights via RES Sales and Marketing Corp:

• New roof engineered for future build out
• All walls sound deadened and constructed with heavy gauge steel studs
• Approximately 1,350 sf of air rights (amount is estimated and subject to NYC dept of buildings and city planning approval)

We'll skip over the stuff about Brazilian walnut "jotoba" hardwood floors and show show you some pictures via Streeteasy...

...and the A Building is likely just a little out of reach to have dueling roof parties...


Trevor said...

Does this mean that Hair Kuwayama will be vacating? And right after I got comfortable with a stylist there.

EV Grieve said...

This is what the listing says about the commercial space:

"Currently subject to a month-to-month lease, the retail space can be delivered vacant on a sale or the current tenant is willing to renew the lease"

Anonymous said...

Ah, this brings me back. Way way way back in those halycon days when the East Village was cheap and dangerous, I rented a share at 410 E. 13th st, my own bedroom in a two-bedroom. My rent-stabilized roommate scrupulously charged me half the rent, even though it wasn't the law, and I paid $325 for a tiny bedroom with one window overlooking the courtyard of 408 E. 13th st, which at that time had not been built up with the big black thing that you can see in the first photo. T

here was a weed tree in the space then, and it made my little room a pleasant place (I couldn't afford an airconditioner, and with just one window I didn't want one anyway).

My roommate taught me how to read tarot cards, and I still have the how-to-read-the-tarot book she gave me and the deck of cards we bought together.

She and all the other tenants are long gone. I went to an open house in that building just to see what the apartments looked like now; a space identical to the one we lived in now rents for over $4K. The tree is gone, and the courtyard is mostly filled in with that black thing.

Sic transit gloria mundi...