Saturday, May 18, 2013

Intermix arrives on the Bowery

Steve's on the Bowery closed back in September... the deli lost their lease... Previously, BoweryBoogie had the scoop that the Intermix brand was taking over the Steve's space. The company describes itself as a "fashion boutique for trendsetters, A-Listers and glam fashionistas."

Well, Intermix has arrived... it opens today, per Racked.

And up on the right-hand sign there's a message that this is a "temporary storefront sign."

A little now and then:

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pinhead said...

I may not be a trendsetter, A-lister, or glam fashionista, but now I can press my face to the window and watch them shop!

Anonymous said...

I miss Steve's!!! and their blue neon sign......

shmnyc said...

I remember when Steve's was a real dump, back in the mid- to late-80s. I was surprised when they fixed the place up. What's the point?, I thought. But I always liked them, even though I never bought anything from them. I liked the name.

Anonymous said...

how did this happen so quickly? last week it was still a dumpy dump space with loads of renovations to do... and now there is a new facade AND clothes in it??? kinda grossed out.

also PS. GLAD STEVES IS GONE, they gouged the neighborhood with their 600% markup and rotten, spoiled food. bieeeeee

glamma said...

STEVES is now an INTERMIX???
Jesus f*cking christ.