Thursday, May 2, 2013

Report: Max Fish making it official in Williamsburg

[You never know when a photo of the Max Fish toilet will come in handy]

The folks at Max Fish have applied for a liquor license with Community Board 1 in Brooklyn, Gothamist reports today.

As reported earlier, high rents are apparently sending the Ludlow Street mainstay since 1989 packing to Metropolitan Avenue ... where, Gothamist notes, they have designs on a vacant 3,000-square-foot space that was asking $14,000 a month in rent.

There's a hearing to discuss the bar's application next Thursday at the Swinging 60s Senior Center, 211 Ainslie St., at 6:30 p.m.

We were told earlier that Max Fish is eyeing an August closing date on Ludlow Street. We were also told that the Asbury Park branch of Max Fish won't be reopening this summer.

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[Updated] Max Fish is apparently moving to Brooklyn; eyeing August close date


gymgirl said...

Love your photos.

Mark Hand The Catchman said...

THAT is an unnaturally clean toilet!

Anonymous said...

Dear MAX,

You have lost all credibility by choosing Williamsburg. There's more tools in that shed than there will ever be in LES. I understand the rent hike and all but come on...wburg?!?!?! WTF.

joie said...

so they should go to park slope? make sure to have ample stroller parking. I KNOW maybe bushwick right next door to robertas? OR BETTER YET, maybe greenpoint, so it can be featured on Girls? COME ON. Things change and i guess you can choose to be supportive of an all time fave or not. Plus the use of the word credibility by someone who probably doesnt "do" brooklyn is laughable. ive only been in nyc for five years via vegas (which is like the direct opposite of nyc in every way. its only 100 years old. rent is like four bucks, etc) but the prevalent hater attitude here of things having to move out of necessity for survival is hella lame. they'd kill for ONE max fish back home in ANY neighborhood you spoiled east coasters! if the main drag about all of this is "nothing god can stay, its not gonna be rock n rolllll enough blah blah blah.." dudes... move to detroit. you can be as punk as you want there and start a gritty new new york all your own. its there for the taking. anyways... you know youre going to end up having a few in the new max, BRO. so see you there. ill be the supportive girl perfectly happy with change. i leave you with this quote from a fave zine of mine: "Like a pestilence wind carrying lofts and vegetarian restaurants, we will push ever eastward across Brooklyn following the cheap rent until we reach the ocean" SO THERE. 0:)