Friday, January 3, 2014

The year in East Village photos 2013 (Part 1, probably)

I'm a little late with the onslaught of year-end listicles this Listicle Season. Anyway, here are some of the photos from the site in 2013... got a little carried away, so I may break this into two parts. Or just be really lazy and only do the first six months of last year! Thank you to everyone who shared photos ...


Jan. 30

[Photo by @stevemotts]

Jan. 27

Jan. 26

Jan. 11

Jan. 9

[Photo by Event Photos NYC]


Feb. 27

[Photo by @stevemotts]

Feb. 26

Feb. 13

[Photo by Bobby Williams]

Feb. 10

[Photo by Brian Caron]

Feb. 9

[Photo by jdx]


March 31

March 27

March 22

[Photo by Bobby Williams]

March 13

[Richard Hell photo for EV Grieve by James Maher]

March 14

March 12

[Photo by Bobby Williams]

March 9

[Photo by Edward Arrocha]

March 2

[Photo by Derek Berg]


April 28

[Photo by @tdouglassinger]

April 13

April 10

[Photo by EVG reader Katja]

April 9

[Photo by Bobby Williams]


May 31

May 18

[Photo by peter radley]

May 17

[Photo by James Maher]

May 7


June 29

[Photo by editrrix]

June 19

[Photo via @Xeus]

June 14

[Photo by Shawn Chittle]

[Photo by EVG reader Jeremy]

June 3

[Photo by Stacie Joy]


DrBOP said...

All the listicles this morning are a wonderful (happy and sad) reminder of why we all keep coming back.
Props to you and all the photographers!

PS = I have always wondered.....what the HELL are you doing up at 5am?
(Probably showing my ignorance about how posting works for the New York Blog Mafia :+)

Anonymous said...

Great overview of the year - keep them coming!
- East Villager

not amanda bynes said...

yo wizzle!

thanks for reprezentin with the shrine! more bitches need to worship at the altar of bynes in 2014!!! stay tuned for my new album of supahotbeats... just gotta get of this nut house first. someone tell this bitch in the hall she don't own da phone yo. #2014 #thelowercaseyear #getmeoutofhere

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos.

Jill said...

A very nice list. (See how that works without the icle?)