Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Like? Facebook has arrived in the neighborhood

Yesterday marked Facebook's first day at 770 Broadway at East 9th Street. According to TechCrunch:

Right now, Facebook has more than 100 engineers in the New York offices working on Pages, Location, Newsfeed, mobile, AI, and infrastructure, but 2014 represents a growth year in terms of NYC hires. More than 320 people work in FBNY overall. With more space in the office, and plans to hire more engineers, that number should rapidly grow throughout the next year.

Facebook reportedly signed a 10-year lease for 100,000 square feet at 770 Broadway, whose current tenants include AOL, Billboard, J Crew and the Huffington Post.

You can find a lot more photos of the (not-quite-done) Frank Gehry-designed office space over at Curbed.

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Wax said...

Welcome to Midtown South, Facebook.