Monday, February 24, 2014

Root & Bone taking shape on East 3rd Street

Former "Top Chef" contestant Jeff McInnis and season 11 contestant Janine Booth have been working on opening Root & Bone here at 200 E. Third St. at Avenue B.

The sign went up on Friday… (and what's with the Quincy tag everywhere?)

… and a nighttime view via Facebook…

According to Food & Wine last Oct. 2:

[T]he new spot will celebrate Southern foodways through dishes like caramelized brisket meat loaf with smoky plantain crème, sunchoke and house-made ricotta “tater tots” and Carolina Gold rice risotto with butter beans and pickled egg yolk. To pair with the chefs’ modern takes on Southern dishes, the restaurant will serve an all-American beer and wine list with a focus on craft brews from the South. The chefs are also forming a partnership with Mama’s Bar next door to offer a hip, Southern gastropub late-night menu and weekend brunch.

This location was, of course, previously home to Mama's Food Shop, which closed in July 2012 after 15 years. Then Heart 'n Soul was here for a sec.

Root & Bone has a placeholder website … as well as an active Twitter account … A Facebook post Friday says "Our sign is up! Won't be long…" until they open.

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Root & Bone announces itself on E. 3rd St.


Anonymous said...

Even their font looks like rag & bone. Are they trying to get sued?

Anonymous said...

A couple of months ago I passed by there, and the owner was in front collecting signatures on a petition to demonstrate support for their having a liquor license, so I signed it.

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

What's with all the southern food? Is it recession-friendly food -- cheap to make and sell?

Scott said...

What they're describing is not southern "recession-friendly food." I'm from the south (East Tennessee), and I was just telling a friend I would be more excited about the place is they were serving soup beans with cornbread and green onions. Now *that* is southern recession-friendly food.

Makeout said...

What? No mention of "artisanal" or "infused"? I am shocked.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that name is the worst.

Anonymous said...

WEEKEND BRUNCH? NO! Can't we petition against THAT? It's already a madhouse with Poco on the corner across the street. I hope they don't try to get a sidewalk license for that or that block is fucked.

Gojira said...

That is not an appealing name. Scott, I'm with you - nothing recession-friendly or even particularly Southern about the stuff Grieve has listed, except some of the ingredients mashed together in a way that would make Edna Lewis scratch her head.

Giovanni said...

Root & Bone isn't such a bad name when you consider the other options they had, including:

Woof & Hoof
Foot & Mouth
Cootie & Bootie
Froyo & Yolo
Village & Pillage
Biscuit & Triscuit
Cat & Rat
and last but not least, Grieve & Heave

Gojira said...

Giovanni, you rule.

EV Heave said...

@ Giovanni

Thanks for the mention! It has been SOOOOOO long.